Student Services

Students and parents/guardians can contact our Student Services team to discuss a variety of topics.

  • Our Guidance Team can help with course selection, graduation requirements, post-secondary information and applications, scholarships, co-op, Focus program information, community hours, etc.

  • We have Mental Health Supports available for personal counselling, confidential psychotherapy, addiction support and facilitating connections with community agencies
  • Resource Supports are available for unique learning needs (such as Individualized Education Plans, or IEPs), Learning Program Support, help with the transition to post-secondary, tutoring, etc.
Book an Appointment with a member of our Student Services Team

 Bonney Bonney Morris-Pocock
Head of Student Services
 Helen Helen Davis 
IB Co-ordinator, Guidance

Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11167
 Beth Beth Ford 
Lead Student Success Teacher
Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11135
 Heather Heather Stewart 
LPS Teacher
 Kristie Kristie Timmins 
Adolescent Care Worker
Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11166
 Dee Dee Chambers 
Social Worker
Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11164
Tamiko Tamiko Ferguson 

Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11168
 Wes Wes Garrod 
Co-op Teacher

Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11134
 Helena Helena Huskilson 
LPS Teacher
 Julia Julia Hale 
LPS Teacher
 Emma-Jane Emma-Jane Hamilton,
Adolescent Care Worker
Phone Image  613-544-4811 ext. 11165