Principal's Message

Principal's Message
Posted on 09/02/2022

We are excited to begin the 2022-2023 school year at Kingston Secondary School. Our extensive extra-curricular clubs, activities, and athletics will be starting in September. I encourage all students to become involved in the rich opportunities available to them.


Being the principal of Kingston Secondary School and Module Vanier is particularly special to me as I taught at the former Q.E.C.V.I and worked as principal of the former K.C.V.I. Reflecting on how these experiences impacted me as an educator, I look forward to engaging in thoughtful conversations to shape the future of Kingston Secondary School and Module Vanier.


We are fortunate to have a collaborative, caring, and dedicated staff who love teaching and are leaders in the district in anti-racism and equity learning. The entire school staff have high expectations for students to be engaged, motivated, and responsible learners. In addition, I am committed to actively listening and supporting students to thrive in their classes and provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential as learners.


I look forward to an excellent school year at Vanier and at K.S.S., getting to know students and staff. From my daily classroom visits around the school, I have been very impressed with students' positive and enthusiastic engagement in their classes and in extracurricular opportunities.


Our vice-principals' support student learning and are responsible for the following:
Madame Brennan:  Module Vanier and KSS School to Community Program (613 544- 4811 Extension 11105)
Mrs. Tiffiny Donnan: Grade 9 and 11 (613 544-4811 Extension 11102)
Mr. Chris Morrow: Grade 10 and 12 (613 544-4811 Extension 11103)

I look forward to developing a rich learning partnership between home and school.


Warm regards,

Principal Darlene Scarlett 

(613 544-4811 Extension 11104)