Academic Supports

Our Student Success/LPS Team
 Amy Amy Rose, Lead Student Success Teacher

Ms. Rose supports students to be successful in their courses. Coordinates credit rescue and credit recovery.

[email protected]
 Helena Helena Huskilson, LPS Teacher

Ms. Huskilson helps Grades 11 & 12 students with IEP's with their courses and accommodations. CAS (Community-Action-Service) Coordinator for IB.

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 Ms. Anderson Lauren Anderson, LPS Teacher

Ms. Anderson helps Grade 9 students with IEP's with their courses and accommodations.

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 Julia Julia Hale, LPS Teacher

Ms. Hale helps Grade 10 students with IEP's with their courses and accommodations.

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Student Success

At KSS, we celebrate all the unique interests, goals, and strengths of our students. The KSS Student Success Team works to ensure that every student has the same opportunity to succeed and graduate from high school. 
Our team consists of Success and LPS Teachers, Administrators, Guidance Counsellors, and Mental Health workers who help establish and facilitate programming to help students reach their goals. As a team, we work to support students as they transition from grade 8-9, and as they work towards entering the workforce, skilled trades and post-secondary learning. 
To help support students in their high school plan, our resource room is available for student use throughout the day.  Classroom Teachers can arrange for students use this space to get academic support and to access a quiet space to work outside of their classroom. Students can also work on credit recovery or on course work to keep them on track for graduation.  Students with IEPs use this quiet space to work on summative assignments and tests. Our Resource room also has a pantry of food and hygiene items that are free for students. 
Please connect with Amy Rose the Lead Student Success Teacher for more information about our Student Success Supports and the use of the resource room. 

The Success Room is open at Lunch
  • Park & Produce - Monday to Thursday
  • Grade 9 Study Hall with Link Leaders (Monday & Wednesday at lunch through December and January) 

Learning Program Support

We support student learning through the development and implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEP's ). The resource room (Room 152) is available for students to assist with accommodations to support their learning. Please note the following contact information.

Lauren Anderson - Grade 9
[email protected]

Julia Hale - Grade 10
[email protected]

Helena Huskilson - Grades 11 & 12  
[email protected]

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Transition to Post-Secondary

Are you a student who has an IEP or needs accommodations for post-secondary? 

Please visit the following site which will connect you to each college/university accessibility services. It is important to make sure that you have the appropriate documentation and information to help make the transition go smoothly. Feel free to make an appointment with Ms. Huskilson if you have any questions.

Transition Guide


Do you need support for your transition to university or college? On-Line to Success (OLTS)  and the Successful Transitions Online and Mentoring Program (STOMP)  is a course offered to high school students for free from Queen's. Please see Ms. Huskilson in Student Services to sign up.

To be Eligible for the OLTS program, students must:

  • Be in grade 11 or 12
  • Be identified/diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD and/or ASD
  • Plan to attend college or university
  • Attend Opening Days on March 20 & 21, 2023 and Closing Day on June 1, 2023
  • Have daily access to a computer and the internet

To be Eligible for the STOMP program, students must:

  • Be in grade 11 or 12
  • Be diagnosed or self-identify with a mental health disorder
  • Plan to attend college or university
  • Attend Opening Days on March 23 & 24, 2023 and Closing Day on June 2, 2023 (PD Day) 
  • Have daily access to a computer and the internet

Deadline is January 15, 2023

OLTS & STOMP - Information Letter and Registration Form

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test


L2L Tutoring - Tuesday's after school in the KSS library
2:45 - 3:30pm

L2L Tutoring is a valuable peer tutoring program that extends its support to all students at Kingston Secondary School and Module Vanier. Every Tuesday after school, you can find us in the library, ready to assist you in a variety of subjects and tasks. Our dedicated tutors undergo comprehensive training through the Licensed to Learn organization to ensure they are well-prepared to offer effective peer support.

Whether you're struggling with complex math problems or seeking someone to provide a thoughtful peer review of your essay, our L2L tutors are here to help. We understand that every student has unique learning needs, and our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where you can excel academically. So, feel free to drop by the library on Tuesdays and take advantage of the expertise and assistance provided by our committed L2L tutors. We're here to help you succeed!

There are also online tutoring options through LDSB.
Pathways to Education Kingston
A community based program offering tutoring, mentoring, financial support, and advocacy to support high school students to successfully transition to post-secondary education, training or meaningful employment.
Check your
eligibility here or reach out directly to Pathways:
[email protected]
613-507-7107 x2107