Student Association

The Student Association (SA) plays a vital role in providing a student voice within Kingston Secondary School. Students are able to share their ideas on issues within our schools as well as provide leadership to initiatives that help make our schools safer, education focused and fun. Student Association has staff advisors (Beth Ford and Emilie Gauthier-Jolliffe) who help support council members.

KSS Bear MascotsEach Limestone secondary school has a Student Council which is comprised of appointed and elected representatives of the student body. Students fill the position of co-presidents, treasurer, activity coordinators, grade representatives and many more as a part of the student governing body. If you would like to become involved in the KSS SA, please contact a guidance counsellor who can direct you to the staff advisor and/or members of the current Student Association for more information.

Visit the Student Association website where you can find information about our school and board-wide events, including spirit weeks, competitions, and extracurriculars.

InterSchool Council

The Limestone District School Board InterSchool Council is comprised of representatives of all secondary school student councils within the district. Each month, Student Council Presidents from each school meet to share best practices, fundraising ideas, as well as work toward a large-scale joint event. Angela Lewis and Huw Davies-Phinney are the Kingston Secondary School representatives for the 2020-2021 school year.

The InterSchool Council provides additional student voice to our school board. Students at individual schools have the opportunity to bring forward suggestions at the Board level via two elected Student Trustees who participate in monthly Board meetings alongside the elected Board Trustees. One rural and one urban Student Trustee oversee the Interschool Council meetings. Namirah Quadir presently holds the position of Urban Student Trustee.  Student Trustees are permitted to vote at Board meeting, however, their votes are non-binding.

The Interschool Council also organizes district-wide events and various fundraising initiatives.

Student Association

Head Reps:
Angela Lewis
Huw Davies-Phinney

Grade 12 Rep:
Namirah Quadir

Grade 11 Rep:
Emily Hesp

Grade 10 Reps:
Samuel Zhang
David Lai

Grade 9 Reps:
Seham Kettaneh
Ailsa Kerr

Arts Rep:
Emma Huigens

Griffin Wilson

Athletic Association Rep:
Raj Zimmerman

Arjun Devnani

Deputy Treasurer:
Emily Monaghan

Priya Ramachandran

Communications Rep:
Max Lees

Deputy Communications Rep:
Yilin Wang

Senior Equity Commissioner:
Raiglie Mackey

Junior Equity Commissioner:
Kanzy Elmaghraby

Kennedy Joyce

Hannah Gwynne-Timothy