New Principal Message from Darlene Scarlett

New Principal Message from Darlene Scarlett
Posted on 03/04/2021

I want to begin by acknowledging the tremendous work of former Principal Talya McKenna, along with the school staff and students on the successful move to the new school site.  My sincere best wishes to Mrs. McKenna on her new role as Senior Human Resources Lead at the Board.

Becoming the principal of Kingston Secondary School and Module Vanier is particularly special to me as I taught at the former Q.E.C.V.I and worked as principal of the former K.C.V.I. Reflecting on how these experiences impacted me as an educator, I look forward to engaging in thoughtful conversations to shape the future of Kingston Secondary School and Module Vanier.

We are fortunate to have a collaborative, caring, and dedicated staff who love teaching and are leaders in the district in anti-racism and equity learning. The entire school staff have high expectations for students to be engaged, motivated, and responsible learners. In addition, I am committed to actively listening and supporting students to thrive in their classes and provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential as learners.

I look forward to an excellent octo six and getting to know students and staff.  From my recent visits to the school, I have been very impressed with students masking inside and outside and staying physically distanced as much as possible. Sincere thanks to students for continuing their positive efforts to comply with all COVID safety measures. 

Our next school council virtual meeting is scheduled for March 16 at 6:30 p.m. It will be great to see people at the meeting and to get to know school council members.

The vice-principals support student learning and are responsible for the following grades:

Monsieur Bryan Lambert: Module Vanier and School to Community Program 613 544-4811 Ext. 11105

Mr. Lonny Gibson: Grade 9 and 11 613 544-4811 Ext. 11102

Ms. Margaret Connelly: Grade 10 and 12 613 544-4811 Ext. 11103

I look forward to developing a rich learning partnership between home and school.

Take good care and stay safe,


Principal Darlene Scarlett 

613 544-4811 Extension 11104


[email protected]