Information for Grade 10-12 Students

Information for Grade 10-12 Students
Posted on 06/30/2021

Greetings from K.S.S. 

Congratulations on completing this school year! We know this year presented many unique challenges to students, and we hope you are feeling a sense of relief and accomplishment with completing this school year.  We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the K.S.S. family in the fall.  Our student services staff are working on timetables and will be in touch with students and families the week of August 23rd with student schedules for the 2021-2022 school year. Please continue checking this email account throughout the summer and on this website, as we will share specific information (dates, times, etc.) as soon as it is available. If your contact information changes over the summer, we ask that you notify the main office after August 23rd to ensure all start up information is directed to the right address.

Access to Octo 7 & 8 Marks

Students ended the school year in remote learning, and schools do not have the ability to provide students with final reports for octomester 7 and 8, we are providing families with access to their student’s report card information in a secure student portal.

INSTRUCTION FOR ACCESSING MARKS is provided. For families, wishing to review their student’s marks, please follow the instructions. Please note the student portal will provide all the relevant information from the report card specific to your student, however, it will not be presented in the format of the report card.

Students and/or families can contact Limestone’s Information Technology Services for assistance if they have difficulty accessing the information online. Contact information is provided in the instructions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we adapt to these new circumstances.

Please enjoy a safe, and well-deserved summer break.

Bonney Morris-Pocock
Head of Student Services

Darlene Scarlett