Kingston Secondary School update

Kingston Secondary School update
Posted on 12/10/2018
Image of KSS exterior main entrance

Construction of the new Kingston Secondary School (KSS) is well under way and the shell of the 171,000-square-foot facility is taking shape. Work continues on the site, however, unforeseen delays and disruptions have, unfortunately, put the project behind schedule.

Given the size and scope of this large and complex project, setbacks such as this sometimes occur. While this is disappointing news, the contractor remains focused on completing construction as soon as possible, but these recent delays will prevent us from opening the new school in September 2019 as planned.

The Board is working with the contractor to develop a revised construction schedule. We will share that new timeline with you as soon as possible, likely in January. We do expect to move students and staff into the new completed building within the 2019-2020 school year.

In the meantime, our contingency plan will see students and staff remain where they are at KCVI.

Please know that school staff and the Limestone District School Board remain committed to providing you and your child(ren) with a safe and smooth transition. We appreciate your continued support, understanding and patience as we move through the final months of construction and into our new school.

Mascot News

The mascot for the new Kingston Secondary School will be the Black Bears.

Students from KCVI and students from elementary feeder schools who will eventually attend the new school advocated strongly for a mascot that would bring together the KCVI and Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute communities. Many students felt Black Bears seemed like a natural fit as it blends KCVI’s Blue Bear/Blues mascot with the black from the former QECVI logo/mascot.

Students also spoke to the Black Bear being an important animal to local Indigenous cultures. The new school, and the Limestone District School Board, is located on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee. The Black Bears fits nicely with the new school’s colours: black, blue and white.

Initially, earlier consultation around the new school mascot/nickname suggested the “Royals.” Concerns, however, came forward from students and community members during the consultation process regarding the name and how it would be visually represented. The term “Royals” has many negative connotations for some given its reinforcement of colonial history particularly when combined with Kingston which was originally known as King’s Town.

As a result, the Integration Committee, made up of students, staff and families of the consolidated schools, decided to not move forward with the “Royals.” Revisiting input provided during the previous consultation process, the Integration Committee reviewed three additional mascot suggestions: Black Bears, Coyotes and Lions. Following a voting process, the committee decided on Black Bears – the Kingston Secondary School Black Bears, or Kingston Black Bears – as its new mascot.

After investigation to ensure there are no concerns or other considerations that may prevent the use of that nickname, the Board will continue the process of developing a school logo and visual representation of the mascot based on committee, student and staff input.